CSMS 2014

“Christianity Study for Muslim Scholars 2014” is the second program after the prior one in 2013. This is a pilot project to educate the Muslims to start learning about Christianity from Christians’ perspectives. Many Christians become notably expert in Islamic studies. They also have experienced living in Pesantren (Indonesian Islamic Monastery) or interfaith retreat for peace studies. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find Muslims people studying Christianity, who are eligible for facilitating theological dialogue. This is the biggest concern behind the Christianity Study for Muslim Scholars (CSfMS) program. This program is unique and valuable because it integrates the live-in method, intensive studies, and excursive learning process for the participants. The program is able to run due to the help of Jakarta Theological Seminary (JTS) which was the host of this event, from 6th to 10th of November 2014.

We have seven JTS’ students as the volunteers and part of the committee and ten Muslim students from different area participating in CSfMS 2014. Four participants (one female, three males) came from Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta; another four (two females, two males)came from Institut Studi Islam Fahmina (ISIF) Cirebon, Jawa Barat; and last two men are from Universitas Ibn Khaldun, Bogor. All participants are required to write a reflection page about what they think of Christianity according their own experience. Seeing through their background, it seems they have already followed several interfaith events.

Their hope in following this event, however, is to get deeper theological insights about
Christianity. In evaluation form, they stated that this program has facilitated them to
reach that hope, especially because they experienced personal transformation when
they met and made new friends.

The participants lived together with the first year students in the dorms for several
days as a place for interfaith engagement. They shared their room, food, participated
in all activities, and many others. They have become the integral part of the
community which made them like a family. In addition to that, they also learned
about Christianity in seven full sessions. Each session is delivered by the JTS’
lecturer. Those sessions are very useful for them, especially on sensitive issues, such
as Trinity and Christology.

At other occasions, participants were invited to observe the worship services in two
different churches. They had small conversations as well among the church leaders
and the congregations about diaconia, liturgy, etc.


Sesi 1 – Pengantar ke Perjanjian Baru
(Bambang Subandrijo, Ph.D.)

Sesi 1

Sesi 2 – Pengantar ke Perjanjian Lama
(Pdt. Yonky Karman, Ph.D.)

Sesi 2

Sesi 3 – Liturgi
(Rev. Rasid Rachman, dan Mr. Adi)

Sesi 4 – Mengenal Trinitas dan Kristologi
(Rev. Joas Adiprasetya, Th.D.)

Sesi 4

Sesi 5 – Mengenal Keragaman Denominsi Gereja
(Pdt. Radius Aditiya Jonar, M.Th.)

Sesi 6 – Pendidikan Perdamaian dan Rekonsiliasi
(Pdt. Mulyadi, D.Min.)

Sesi 6

Sesi 7 – Pendekatan “Thin and Thick” dalam Dialog Islam-Kristen
(Pdt. Martin Sinaga, D.Th.)

Sesi 7



Kegiatan CSMS 2014 terselenggara berkat kerja keras panitia. Berikut adalah susunan panitia:

  • Ujun Junaedi – Ketua Panitia
  • Jessica Paramitha – Sekretaris
  • Genesya – Bendahara
  • Krista Kezia Dorothea – Konsumsi
  • Eunike Trikayasuddhi – Koordinator Lapangan
  • C. Rappan Sema Paledung – Koordinator Lapangan
  • Theo Krispanki Dandel – Transportasi dan Publikasi